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Sustainable Packaging—Adding More Meaning To Our Jewelry Collection

Not long ago, the United Nations Environment Programme released a report suggesting annual production of plastic falls around 300 million tonnes—a number that equates to the weight of the entire human population. Let the fact and terror sink in.

This information affected us, like thousands of other manufacturing businesses, and we decided to take a step toward the leadership role in sustainable packaging. The goal was (and still is) to create value for society and scale the business.

But what exactly did we do? Here's what.

To achieve carbon-zero manufacturing, our team decided to partner with manufacturers who share a similar goal to help the planet breathe a little better! We have adopted environment-friendly methods—like sustainable packaging—to tackle this ever-growing hottest-button challenge.

At My Delicate Jewel, every piece of jewelry is wrapped intricately with love and care in biodegradable packaging before sending it to our patrons. We source, develop, and use packaging solutions that cause minimal environmental impact and footprint.

When a patron places an order on our website, we strive to deliver high-quality jewelry covered inside equally high-quality and sustainable packaging. Our product packages are made from recycled paper or cardboard, which makes the packaging more delightful and aesthetically pleasing.

Many of our patrons have sent us feedback on how they had successfully saved our envelopes and cardboard boxes to further use them as gift boxes or containers to store things at home. We literally can't contain our excitement to see our loved patrons walk with us toward reaching the mutual goal. Nothing makes us more proud than to be a step closer to our goal of environmental conservation with every purchase made on our website.

What exactly is sustainable packaging?

The process includes the production of sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and compostable packaging material using renewable sources of energy. This means from production to reuse, the packaging material doesn't cause any damage to nature or humans.

There are times when plastic packaging is impossible to replace; in such cases, manufacturers can focus on recycling and reusing packaging materials, which must meet set protocols for safety and efficiency. The life of a sustainable package involves three critical parts: reduce, reuse, and recycle. These parts enable manufacturers to lower their production impact on the planet and spread awareness to a larger crowd through customers.

To be treated as a sustainable packaging solution, what criteria must a packaging meet?

  • It should be safe and healthy for all living beings throughout its cycle.
  • It should be fit for the purpose, i.e., protecting the product inside.
  • It should be created by using renewable energy.
  • Or it should be made from recycled materials.
  • It should only use clean technologies during its production.
  • It should not cause any energy wastage.
  • It should be a part of a circular loop of reuse.

Rounding up our thoughts!

We are large advocates for recyclable packaging and encourage our customers to reuse empty boxes and envelopes creatively instead of simply disposing of them. The material used in our packaging solution is ethically sourced, which puts more meaning to our recycled pieces of jewelry.

Until we meet next!

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