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A Necklace Styling Guide for Every Occasion

gold emerald pendant necklaces pearl necklace for women

Does a strapless blouse go better with a choker necklace or a V-necked necklace? This question is a universal styling roadblock that every woman faces at one point. As if finding a blouse with a flatting neckline isn’t challenging enough, now we also must find the ideal accessories to give off our desired impression!

It doesn't require much to pull off a ‘put together’ outfit, just a good eye about 'what goes with what.' Unfortunately, not everyone has an eye for fashion. (But that's okay, each of us has our expertise!) To help you out, we have come up with this post to help you learn the art of styling a necklace!

7 'Easy-to-achieve' Necklace Styling Tips
  • Go Big or Go Home: When you have to wear a big statement necklace, choose it to be the focal point of your outfit. One way to achieve this goal is by pairing it with a solid-colored dress or top with simple necklines: strapless, V-neck, off-shoulder, and scoop necks!
  • Subtle Elegance: A dainty necklace goes well with an outfit where the neckline is the focal point. For instance, if you have a linen, off-white, V-neck blouse that you wish to wear for a formal party, you can pair it with one of our gold emerald pendant necklaces. Inversely, for fancy necklines featuring cut-outs and lace-paneling, it is advisable to drop the necklace altogether and pick up a statement earring instead.
  • Be Bold, not Loud: You can let the attention fall on the clothes for colorful outfits with bold prints and patterns! It is a good idea to pair such clothing with monochromatic necklaces. It could be anything from a simple gold chain to dainty-little diamonds; it means any jewelry will work that doesnt shift the onlookers focus from the clothing.
  • Know When to Stop! It is always a good idea to avoid overkill. While layering is a good idea to make the assemblage more interesting, it is also essential to know where to stop! Remember the general rule: dont put two statement pieces together in an outfit. For instance, if you want to wear a chunky necklace, pair it up with stud earrings or wear a simple necklace with a statement ring.
  • Dress to Impress: For dresses and shirts with collars, the styling can get trickier. Nevertheless, there are two ways to get it done. For a classy look, you can choose a statement yet subtle necklace that ends right at the collar and can be worn from under the collar. For a casual look, pick a longer neckline and leave 1 or 2 buttons undone, with the necklace falling right at the center.
  • Keep in’ it Classy: Remember to wear a gold or geometrical necklace with a blazer or a jacket as it looks classier. For instance, a pearl necklace for women with an ivory co-ord and blazer can leave a lasting impression on the onlookers.
  • Love to Layer: Last but not least, while layering necklaces, remember three basic rules:
  1. While using more than two necklaces for layering, always try to go with odd number multiples.
  2. It is alright to layer contrasting styles and metals with different weights and textures.
  3. Layer chains should vary in length.
Necklace Styling With Different Necklines: A Cheatsheet!
  • Turtlenecks go well with pendants on long chains.

  • Crew necks go well with bib or collar.

  • Scoop necks go well with shorter pendants and larger pieces.

  • Strapless tops go well with choker necklaces.

  • Square necks go well with angular pendants.

  • Off-shoulder necks go well with asymmetric necklaces.

  • Halter neck go well with slim pendants—like our gold emerald pendant necklace.

  • V-necks go well with v-shaped pendants.

  • Collared necks go well with short pendants (that end at your skin; and do not fall onto your )

  • Boat necks go well with long chains or beads.

  • Cowl necks go well with shorter pendants or chokers.

  • Sweetheart necks go well with curved beads or pendants.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our ultimate necklace styling guide to amp up your fashion game. Explore our website if you love elegant and minimalist necklaces to add to your collection. Alongside the design, what makes our jewelry unique is that it is made from recycled metals and sustainable packaging, manufacturing, and shipping practices. Pick your favorite piece from our collection today to receive luxurious and aesthetic jewelry in a biodegradable package.

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